20 Great Medical Research Paper Topics For High School Students

Choosing a great medical research paper topic for a high school assignment can make all the difference when it comes to writing a stellar document that is well researched and written with enthusiasm. Here are 20 great topics for you to consider for your research paper:

  1. Fad diets. Every year there seems to be some new fad diet that sweeps the nation. Should students be warned about the dangers?
  2. Smoking. What are the effects of smoking at different stages in a person’s life? For instance, are the effects different if someone smokes for a five years while in his twenties versus five years while in his thirties?
  3. Organic foods. Going organic has long been a popular alternative for people who want to avoid pesticides, but do these foods actually carry healthier vitamins and minerals?
  4. Dyslexia. How does a student who is affected with dyslexia learn at the same rate as students who don’t have it and what medical approach can be taken to help?
  5. Exercise and fitness. How important is it for students to get regular exercise and watch their fitness levels throughout high school?
  6. Veganism. Is this lifestyle a healthier diet choice or are practitioners missing out on some valuable nutrients?
  7. Cancer research. How far has cancer research come in the last twenty years and how close are people to coming up with a cure?
  8. Eating disorders. What are the noticeable and measurable symptoms of a person suffering from a specific type of eating disorder?
  9. Weight training. Is weight training healthy for high school students whose bodies may still be in development?
  10. Vaccination risks. Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks? What does the medical community think?
  11. Alternative medicine. How effective are alternative medicines to curing or treating today’s diseases?
  12. Health websites. Do you think that health websites provide too much information that is more overwhelming than helpful?
  13. Obesity and healthcare. Should others who pay into healthcare be forced to pay for someone’s obesity related illnesses?
  14. Steroid use. What are the long term effects of prolonged steroid use? Should student athletes be allowed to use legal types of the drug to get a winning edge?
  15. Medical marijuana. Should medical marijuana be allowed to treat all patients regardless of age if it has proven benefits?
  16. Fast food. What are the health risks or dangers of a steady diet of fast food? What are the concerns for people from low socio-economic communities?
  17. Prescription drugs. Should prescription drugs be made more affordable if they create healthier communities?
  18. Heart disease. What are the major causes and symptoms of heart disease in people of various ages?
  19. Diabetes and genetics. How much do genetics play into whether or not a person can develop diabetes?
  20. Schizophrenia. What are the early known signs and symptoms of teenage schizophrenia and what tests are available for proper diagnosis?

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