Conceive and develop

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When you come up with a key idea, make sure you convey that idea effectively in every sentence you write. The paragraph must fulfil the purpose it was written for.

A Strong Argument

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Remember to form your case in a logical way. The ‘statement, evidence, result’ method works well to do this effectively. Follow a coherent way of arguing and you'll win over your reader .

Start well, end well

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Your introduction and conclusion should be just as convincing as the rest of your paper. Put more effort into these two paragraphs and you can often get away with a lot elsewhere.

Tips For Writing a Strong Research Paper

  • Offer your reader something
  • Contribution is an important element in term papers. If there’s a weak purpose in your argument, chances are your whole paper will be relatively dull and empty. Keep your reader intrigued by offering him or her something valuable.

  • Writing with authority
  • When you complete a research paper that’s void of syntax errors, your reader will get a sense that you are an authority on your topic. Language errors have a way of messing up the trust you are trying to build with your reader. Keep your language in check and make your statement firm.

  • Calling for back up
  • There are other ways to keep your research paper authoritative and relevant. Adding a quote from an expert in your field or some excerpts from an interview will act as back up to your argument because your reader will see that your case is built on more than just your opinion.

  • Don’t argue; rather persuade
  • Marketing research has shown that customers would rather convince themselves to buy a product, than to have it sold to them. Construct your case in a way that’s coherent, unbiased, and persuasive. Your reader is more likely to be won over if he or she comes to their own conclusion.

  • Is it black, white, or grey?
  • Be specific when pointing out the sides to an argument. Is it this way, that way, or are there some grey areas in between that need to be addressed and explored?

  • Presenting evidence confidently
  • When you research something properly, your research paper will consist of authoritative material that cannot be refuted. You’ll generate a clear sense of confidence if you do your homework before doing your writing.

  • Apply your topic to real life
  • The application of an idea can make the world of difference to the power of its persuasion. Show your argument in action by presenting strong evidence, and then contrasting it to the world around us.


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