10 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

When researching a paper, and the topic may be controversial, or argumentative, this can be difficult because much of the information is easy to find, but how reliable, and accurate is it. I personally do not like to look at sources whether it is cable news, or various websites, which take issues and sensationalize them more for shock value, and ratings, and views than anything. It is wise to always approach issues such as these with caution, and research your sources.

  • How to approach the topic
  • Reporting the topic
  • Providing solid conclusions

How to approach the topic

As mentioned topics where people have very strong opinions can be very difficult to research, and report; the first thing to know right off the bat is if you have work published, you will not be able to please everyone. You will want to read a number of opinions on the topic, and for issues such as euthanasia, abortion, race issues, and gay marriage; people have their opinions, sadly what is presented to mainstream America is not very accurate, and people are misinformed. When I read one book about gun control, I relied on one book, which was published from a company who dealt with controversial issues, yet presented it in a way where many of the key questions were addressed, and views from different perspectives were able to offer their opinion. I may not have agreed with some of the views, but it did give me a well-rounded perspective. Some of the views, which are in the news, may be relevant, but many who express their opinions are simply pundits promoting the party line.

Reporting the topic

When you report the topic you will want to give the pros and cons, and try to stay with material, which is relevant. You will want to avoid personal opinions, and personal attacks with people you may disagree with; towards the end of the essay you can bring up some disputes you may have with one person’s perspective, but avoid straw man fallacies, as this will reflect poorly on you.

Providing solid Conclusions

When presenting conclusions you will need to state effectively your position, and why it holds merit. You will need to avoid rhetoric. If you’re against capital punishment, you can bring up moral objections, but also legal issues, and economic issues. This is just one way to form solid conclusions.

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