A List Of Unexplored Topics To Do A Research Paper On

Research paper writing doesn’t have to be a chore when you find an unexplored topic to write about. This makes the assignment more interesting since you can learn something new about your topic. There are various subjects to consider for your research paper and selecting a topic always starts with personal interests. When you don’t have any ideas on what to discuss in your research paper you can consider the following topic ideas for inspiration.

  1. Alcoholism. A research paper can define the term and look into how it has evolved in recent years. It can review what actions if any lead up to continued alcohol use among certain groups of people.
  2. Alternative medicine. Which methods are trustworthy among various governments? Why are some government agencies against them?
  3. Gangs. A research paper can explore earlier forms of gang activity and how it evolved into violent acts of rage. What elements are they associated with people may not know about?
  4. Pesticides. Explore their uses and how they are known to be a threat to the environment. If they are such a threat why are they still being used more than ever? How much money is spent producing them?
  5. Cancer. How has cancer treatment changed in the last 10 years? Why does treatment cost so much for certain types of cancers? Can the cost be reduced and still achieve the same result? How will a cure be established?
  6. Bankruptcy. When a person comes into a large lump sum of money years after filing, should they be required to pay the debt that was discharged? What are elements of bankruptcy people may not know about?
  7. Weather predictions. How much money has been spent planning for storms or severe weather that never occurred? How computer models are able to predict what happens weather wise in the future?
  8. Gay rights. What are some of the first actions gays were granted in different parts of the world? A research paper can discuss court decisions that granted gays to do something they were not allowed to do at one point in the past.
  9. Assisted suicide. A research paper can explore earlier laws and regulations related to assisted suicide. Why has this issue been a concern as of late?
  10. Environment. Which country is the most environmentally safety region in the world?

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