Topic Ideas: Writing Research Papers On Diabetes

Are you looking for an original and interesting topic for your diabetes paper? Remember that regardless of what you choose to focus on, a good topic must meet several requirements. They are:

  • It must be interesting for you to write about.
  • This way, the paper will be more passionate and make a better impression on the audience.

  • It must contribute something to the field.
  • You might not be able to develop a truly unique topic, but in this case, you should present it from an original angle. The ultimate purpose of any academic paper is to enrich the field of study by providing some new information or insight.

Here are a few prompts that should help you develop a topic like this:

  1. Alternative medical treatments for diabetes.
  2. This essay must be focused on some untraditional treatment approaches. This might be acupuncture, herbal teas, or even some obscure supplements made of dried bugs. You need to research similar papers and make sure that the treatment suggestions you offer are original.

  3. Diabetes in different nations.
  4. Do differences in race and nationality affect the progress and treatment of this particular disease? Can the results of your research be used as to find a more effective cure for different types of diabetes?

  5. Advances in the methods of diabetes treatment.
  6. This paper must tell the reader about the most recent developments in this field of study. You will need to provide your personal opinion regarding which areas you consider to be the most promising and why.

  7. How to lower your risk of diabetes.
  8. Study papers and articles on this subject and develop your own method of reducing the risk of diabetes. Explain how this approach will work with regards to ethnicity, age, and physical condition of the patient.

  9. Alternative devices for taking insulin.
  10. Provide an overview of the currently existing tools and offer your ideas on how to improve them.

  11. Diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  12. Highlight the similarities and differences between the issues that lead people to developing these conditions. Which disease is more dangerous?

  13. Diabetes in children.
  14. Explain the reasons for children developing diabetes and offer the most efficient methods of treatment. Do not forget to mention psychological training.

  15. Type 2 diabetes medications comparison.
  16. Conduct a comparative study of the most efficient treatments and offer your own conclusions.

  17. American cookbooks.
  18. Do the recipes in them invite disaster? Analyze the most popular publications.

  19. Diabetes in pregnant women.
  20. Provide detailed instructions on how to limit the risks for both the future mother and fetus.

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