A List Of The Most Widespread Research Paper Topics

Currently, we live in a very exciting period of History. There are explanations for a lot of phenomena but many of them remain unexplained. It is the most intriguing era of humankind. Every time that we get an answer, more questions arise. This is the motivation for doing research.

  • Why do we sleep?Some people say that we need rest but there is much about sleeping we do not understand yet. Why do we have to sleep so many hours a day? There is no simple answer to this question because we are unable to establish a straight comparison between us and any other species in the world.
  • What was the main cause of the stock market crash in 2008? There are many factors that were involved in this worldwide crisis. That is the ultimate reason for the lack of a unique answer. What did really happen to the Economy? Can it happen again? And, if yes, when?
  • How has airport security been improved due to terrorist threat? Sadly as it is, terrorism is a real threat in Occident. Since September 11th, 2001 security has been the most important concern for airlines all over the world. If passengers felt unsure, they would stop travelling. Currently, commercial flights are much safer than before.
  • How are touch screens changing our life? Let’s admit it, touch screens are everywhere around us and they have come to stay forever. Touch pads are changing the way we interact with technology and nowadays it is impossible to imagine our world without them. How much have they changed our life? How are touch screens going to modify our future?
  • What happened to Amelia Earhart? Mysteries are fascinating because we like stories to be completed. They need to have an ending but sometimes there is not. What happened to this aviation pioneer that suddenly vanished flying to Howland? There are quite a few theories but the evidence to support them is circumstantial. The mystery is yet unsolved.
  • Can we get all the electricity we need from the sun? Due to the high concern about global warming, there is a lot of interest in clean renewable sources of energy. Are there any good choices to oil? If yes, is it possible to stop polluting our world? These issues are of great interest nowadays.

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