A List Of Exclusive Topics For A Term Paper In Economics

If you want to have an exclusive topic for your term paper in economics, be sure to raise the issue of current importance. Look through the fresh newspaper and magazine articles; check out online economic resources and websites devoted to economic development and finances. Your term paper will definitely be a success, if you choose any hot-button issue to research. Here is a list of possible economic term paper topics for your reference:

  1. Economic recession of the market in terms of unemployment.
  2. Raise the problem of unemployment and reflect on how it impacts the market growth. Look at the current Dow Jones Indices and compare them with the numbers from previous years. What does the recent decrease in Dow numbers show?

  3. Dynamics decrease of manufacturing in China: any reasons for concern?
  4. Explore the reasons that led to the slower manufacture growth in this country. How will it affect the economy of your country? Is China in the state of economic recession?

  5. Restructuring of oil market: reasons and methods.
  6. How does increase in oil prices influence our economy? What should be done to become more independent of unstable oil market?

  7. Increases in cigarette taxes: effects and benefits.
  8. Research the issue of increased cigarette taxes in your economics term paper. Did this raise reduce the number of smokers? Who suffered more from the increase: richer or poorer people? How are cigarette tax revenues distributed?

  9. The Kyoto Protocol in terms of economic development.
  10. How does the signing of the Kyoto Protocol influence economic policy of the country? Why did some countries refuse to sign this document? What changes in economy should be made if country decides to sign the Kyoto Protocol?

  11. Stadium building: benefits and costs.
  12. Investigate the current trend of building new stadiums in nearly every town. Is it really worth expenses?

  13. The popularity of wasteful Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs): how does it constrain economy?
  14. In your economics term paper, offer possible solutions to the problem of SUVs manufacturing.

  15. Impact of immigration on economic development of the country.
  16. Compare the economy levels of your country and immigrants’ countries. Look deeper into effects, both positive and negative.

  17. Gambling: economic benefits or losses?
  18. Focus on the issue of gambling in your term paper. Should it be allowed or prohibited? In what way can the country benefit from legalization of casinos?

  19. New government implementations in healthcare economy.
  20. What spheres of healthcare system should be more financially supported by the government? What can insurance companies do to improve the situation?

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