The 24 Most Interesting Informative Research Paper Topics To Choose From

Most students that I have talked to are perfectly happy to knuckle down and write their research paper, provided someone has already given them a heads up and they have their topic in the bag. It is easy enough to come up with a bland, generic topic but not so easy to come up with one that is interesting and informative. If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry because I have spent some time putting together this great list of the 24 most research paper topics for you to choose from:

  1. Is partnership between the public and private finance sectors essential, or just a “nice to have?”
  2. Examine the current relationship between China and the U.K. Is Chinese investment in Nuclear facilities in Britain potentially dangerous? How will this impact upon relations with other countries, particularly the U.S.A?
  3. Access to banking and finance for those with adverse credit ratings. What more can be done to help customers whom banks consider to be undesirable?
  4. Compare and contrast Taxation Policy and Practice in the US with the Practice in France.
  5. The role of the church in medieval Britain.
  6. The Iranian Revolution: How significant was Islam in this?
  7. Compare and contrast Ancient Athens to Ancient Polynesia
  8. Explore how recent austerity cuts have impacted upon geriatric and neo-natal care.
  9. The importance of family for dementia sufferers – examine the role that families can play
  10. The NHS in a decade’s time. A statistical analysis as to what the likely state of the NHS will be factoring in shifts in government policy and dissatisfaction among junior doctors.
  11. Why was Arabic so important in Seventeenth Century England?
  12. The differences between American and English sign language, and how you can make a difference to someone’s life by learning it.
  13. How do animals communicate.
  14. Living and loving a child with ADHD.
  15. Why do languages change over time?
  16. The prevention of food borne bacterias and diseases
  17. Norovirus – How cleanliness is the frontline of defence
  18. Health concerns among ethnic minorities – what more can be done to ensure that people from different backgrounds get the access to health care that they need?
  19. Food allergies – why are we seeing an increase? Is this a case of genuine allergens or are parents being overly cautious?
  20. Compare and contrast the preparedness of Europe for a biochemical attack against the United States preparedness.
  21. Brain transpants
  22. The influence of crime dramas on DIY detectives
  23. Are paid Asthma trials beneficial?
  24. Compare the efficiency of conventional banks versus Islamic banks

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