A List Of Research Paper Debate Topics Related To Recent Events

A debate research paper is a dissertation where you discuss a topic in detail. The most important aspect of this kind of text is to analyze one event, situation or fact from at least more than one perspective; the most common case being that of two interlocutors discussing the topic. You can have a first-person perspective in order to show your personal insight if you prefer to.

Fortunately, hundreds of news show up every day all over the world which provides you with a great amount of potential debate subjects for your dissertation. PimpMyPaper suggests you the following ideas:

  1. An analysis of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels by Jihadists
  2. The most recent study on programming jobs for 2016 and the future perspective in this field
  3. Donalds Trump campaign’s most controversial steps in the past few months
  4. The Chibok girls kidnapped in Nigeria and the evolution of this international case
  5. Will the Zyka virus represent a serious threat for the Europeans in the upcoming months?
  6. A debate on the Panama papers and the influence of this information regarding the most controversial circumstances
  7. The incidents of Europeans worldwide overseas in sailing
  8. A debate on the most amazing events that took place in the international scene in 2015
  9. The evolution of the most advanced technologies on the Internet in 2016
  10. The most recent findings in the Brussels investigation of the terrorist attack in the airport
  11. A debate on the USA elections candidates campaigns in the past year
  12. The most astonishing events that took place worldwide in Politics last year
  13. Ten most amazing start-up millionaire businesses that will succeed this year
  14. The influence of the Pope in the traditions of millions of people worldwide: a debate on how Francisco is changing traditions
  15. Is it the time to make new arrangements to deal with the global warming effect worldwide? A pro-green initiative debate on the current state of the issue

In conclusion, a research paper on the debate which focuses on recent events ought to have first-hand reliable information to provide the reader with valuable insight on the matter of discussion. Fortunately, there is plenty of information on the Internet which you can make use to create the structure of your essay and develop an up-to-date debate.

Moreover, you will be able to provide rich content that enriches the audience cultural background.

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