Science Research Paper Writing Instructions For The Laziest Students

Science research papers are set up a little differently than other research papers. This is because there are more sections that you have to cover. You have the abstract, which tells the reader what you did. The introduction, which gives them the problem, materials or methods, which tells them how you solved the problem, the results you, got from your methods. Then you discuss what all of it means and then you cite your research and give them the lab data you collected in the appendices, which is usually optional. It all sounds pretty easier but there are a few ways that you can make it easier.

Instructions For Lazy Students

  • Before you even think about starting your science research paper, read over all of the instructions. This will ensure that you do the research paper right the first time.
  • If you want to get you science research paper done in the easiest and fastest way possible, then you are going to have to know how to research smart. When you are looking for the information that you need, you want to narrow your search down. You can do this by using the Google tricks like plus and minus signs on words, using quotes to get exact phrasing, and all the other tricks to get better results. You can also look to your librarian to help you get the exact books you need so you don’t have to do extra reading.
  • Keep track of all your sources with your notes you take on the subject. This will save you a bunch of time later because then you won’t have to go back and look it up.
  • Skip writing an outline, an outline does make writing your research paper easier but if you skip it then you can save some time. But you might have to spend more time editing your work later.
  • Write your entire science research paper in one setting. Set aside a few hours to complete it in one setting and then you can come back to it later to do the edits because it is all done.
  • If you are bad with edits and proofreading, use software or websites like Paper Rater and Grammarly to do the work for you. It might not catch all of the mistakes that you made but it will at least catch most of them. You still want to go back and read over it before you hand it in.

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