Quick Tips On How To Cite A Journal Article In An APA Research Paper

You have just finished working on your APA research paper and stretched yourself with relief but hold on, are you really done? What about the citation page? It hits you like thunderbolt and jolts you back to reality. You are yet to cite the sources used in your work. Now, if you made use of journal articles in writing your paper and you don’t know how to cite them, here are quick tips to help you out. They are as follows:

  • Single Author’s Name: In citing a single author’s name, you have to type the author’s last name first and after a comma, you type the initial of the author’s first name followed by a period. For example: Stone, R.
  • Multiple Authors’ Name: If on the other hand, there are multiple authors, you start with the first author’s last name and after a comma, the initial of that author’s first name which is followed by a period and a comma. The next author’s name is written following the same process and when it comes to the last author, an ampersand (&) is typed before the author’s last name, comma, his or her first name initial and a period. For example: Dayan, C., Rika, J., & Eddie, B.
  • Date Of Publication: This is what comes after the author’s name. If you are citing a magazine article, the year of publication comes first and after a comma, the month and day follows. This is put in parenthesis and followed by a period. For example: (2010, April 8). If it is a scholarly article, you only provide the year of publication in parenthesis and a period following after. For example: (2012).
  • Title Of Article: In typing this, the first word should be typed in initial capital and the rest in small letters. For example: What you should know about rabies. Titles should not be typed in italics or in quotations.
  • Page Number: In typing in the page number of the article being cited, it should be done as a range. This number can be preceded by a ‘p’ or ‘pp’ as the case may be and ended with a period. If you choose, you can also simply type the page number. For example: 206-209.

Citing journal articles used in writing your research paper should not be a reason for your blood pressure to skyrocket. Take your time and carefully cite the sources, using a sample paper to guide you.

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