How To Choose Catchy Science Research Paper Topics

The beauty of science is that there are so many fields in the subject. Finding an area that appeals to you can be easy. You can write about life science, physical science, physics, biology, earth science, chemistry, environmental science, or one of the many other fields. Once you find the area that appeals to you, consider using these topic ideas for your science research paper.


  • Biogenetics-this field is moving at an amazing speed with developments every day, it is a passionate and trending area of science which will make for a good topic
  • Marine Science-the ocean is a vast and mysterious area, there are millions of creatures who inhabit it, find one that appeals to you and discuss the animal, its environment, its habits, and its enemies
  • Environmental science-writing about this sector can be exciting, you can look at going green, at different land masses and their characteristics, at natural erosions and land features, and many other relative arenas
  • Chemical warfare: look at what it is, what countries are armed to use it, what the consequences of using it would be, and who has used chemical warfare in the past
  • Battery and Solar Operated Cars: Study the automobile companies who offer the products, the pricing, the benefits, the drawbacks, and then look at where the industry might be headed in the future
  • Extinction: Extinction is an interesting, yet sad field. Note which animals are on the, list, can the species be saved, what are the odds, and then look at animals tat are all ready extinct
  • Dinosaurs: explore the world of dinosaurs
  • Physics in Your Every Day Life: discuss and write about how often you use physics on a daily basis
  • Hurricanes and Florida (or other areas): Track and discuss the big hurricanes of Florida. You can pick other areas to discuss as well. You could also do the same with tsunamis, earthquakes, or mudslide. Any natural disaster would be interesting to explore in a paper.

As you can see, the world of science gives you many essay or term paper options for topics. You should simply pick the area that most interests you and then find a topic that you are passionate about. Any time you can pick a topic that you care about, your paper will be better. The science paper will be fun and educational at the same time.

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