A Manual For Composing A Research Paper About Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is essentially an extremely loud noise or disturbance that disrupts life for humans and animals. Often, noise pollution is caused by motor vehicles, factories, trains or machines. Due to noise pollution, people may suffer from ringing in their ears, psychological disturbances, sleep problems or psychological effects. Although noise pollution is often ignored in mainstream culture, it can be a major factor in human and environmental health. Due to this, it is a common topic for research papers. To get started on writing an essay on noise pollution, students should read through this manual.

  • Find a Topic
  • The first goal in writing a research paper is to figure out a topic. Students could focus on specific health effects, scientific studies on psychological effects or the causes. For a unique topic, students could also look at the different governmental policies that have been put into place to limit excessive noise or disruptions.

  • Plan an Outline
  • Like any type of writing, a research paper requires students to create an outline. Although an outline takes extra time initially, it will actually save the student time as they write. By building an outline, the student can clearly structure their argument. They can make sure that research materials are not unintentionally used multiple times. Once the outline is created, students should step back and make sure that they have placed their argument in the right order. If one part of the argument is in the wrong spot, they can easily change it while the essay is still in the outlining stage.

  • Gather Materials
  • Professors grade students on the quality of their writing and research. Due to this, students need to spend extra time looking up their topic. Ideally, the student should go to the library to look for textbooks, academic journals or articles on their topic. As the student finds information, they should write down the source information. This will make it easier for the student to create the bibliography later on.

  • Start Writing
  • Once the student is ready to start writing, they should make out a goal sheet. Each day, they should have a set number of words that they need to complete. By breaking up the research paper into smaller parts, the student can make sure that they can complete the essay on time. In addition, students should plan out their writing so that they finish it a few days or weeks early. This extra time is important because it gives the student time for emergencies and extra hours for editing.

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