A List Of Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

If your course adviser has asked you to write an argumentative research paper, your first task is to track down a terrific topic. You will want to choose a subject that you are able to take a stance on, and then use the pages that follow to defend your ideas. There is often an element of controversy contained in the best argumentative essay topics.

When you are putting together your thesis statement, remember that the purpose of your paper is not to describe a person, place or process. Your instructor will expect to see that you have taken a position on the topic of your essay, and that you are able to mount a convincing defense of your opinions.

It can be helpful to include words like “should” or “must” as you compose your thesis. Avoid terms like “may” or “could”, as these convey ambiguity to your reader. Right off the bat, you must state where you stand on the issue being discussed.

Here are some topics that may get you that great grade you are craving...

  • The Government Should Censor Internet Content
  • Censorship is always an excellent way to generate debate and discussion. You could choose to argue for or against it. If you really want to get the blood boiling, add sex to the mix. “The government should not censor any internet content, including child pornography”.

  • Medical Testing On Animals Is Immoral And Ineffective
  • Recent advances in science have rendered animal testing unnecessary, and many people already believe it does not yield accurate or useful information. Yes, or no?

  • Young Children Should Be Banned From Using Mobile Phones
  • As there is some evidence that cell phone use can negatively affect our health, young children should be kept away from this technology until we are certain it will not harm their development.

  • Senior Citizens Must Surrender Their Driving Licenses At Age 65
  • We have a minimum allowable driving age, should we also have a mandatory and permanent restriction on our driving privileges when we reach a certain age?

  • Children Born With Facial Deformities Should Be Allowed Corrective Surgery Paid For By The Government
  • Is looking different a handicap that we should treat? Or is it better to encourage society to accept all individuals, regardless of how they look? Decide where you stand on the issue, and get ready to defend yourself!

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