Where to Get a Top Notch Topic for Research Paper?

Choosing a common and simple topic to explore may save you a lot of labor, but it may also prevent you from getting a grade above average. If you want to produce an outstanding paper, use the ideas below to find a topic that is up to your ambitions.

Lists of Top Research Topics

  • Browse the web for “hot” research topic ideas. For better results, specify your search by course or academic level (high school, college, or university).
  • Be open to new ideas. Since looking online is an easy way to discover great research topics, many other students may be viewing this page at the same time as you do. However, you may still get a unique insight here.
  • Use topic lists as a starting point for your imagination. When you see a topic that seems too generic, think about unusual angles from which it could be explored from.

Online Databases

  • Check specialized resources such as Debatabase or Opposing Viewpoints for the topics that are most heavily argued upon. If you want something less controversial, try Science in Context or Films on Demand.
  • Browse college and university websites for research topic guides. These pages are constantly updated and often contain valuable ideas. The topics are broken by subjects to simplify your search.

Course Material

  • Remember what you discussed in class the last time. Was there something you would like to learn more about? Did your teacher, or any of your classmates, say anything you would argue against?
  • Think which aspects of your course material can be humorous or inspiring. Such topics for research papers are rarely used and hence they are sure to stand out.

Previous Research

  • Read previous research studies in your field. Prefer the most recent ones (conducted within 1-3 years). Look at the conclusion sections where authors indicate the need for further research. Is any of these ideas feasible for you to explore? Are you curious to find answer to this question? If both, then you quest for a perfect topic probably ends here.

Personal Interests

  • Think about your hobbies. What do you know about your areas of interest that most people may know not? For example, you may offer a unique insight into the history of your favorite sports team.


  • Brainstorm in a group with your classmates – this will give you access to ideas different from your own. Share anything that comes to your mind. Listen to their suggestions and think of what a research paper on this topic could look like.

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