Brainstorming Winning Ideas For An Argumentative Research Paper

Writing a good argumentative research paper requires a lot of time and effort, if you choose the wrong topic you might not realise until too late and suddenly your task becomes significantly more difficult. It's important to spend a good amount of time considering topics for your paper before you begin, if you can find a great subject then the rest of the paper will come easily. A brainstorm is one of the best ways to do this since it presents you with a variety of options and allows you to see what topics lead to dead ends. However there are a number of things you can do to make this brainstorming process even more effective.

Where to brainstorm ideas for an argumentative research paper?

The best places to try and come up with an idea for your paper will:

  • Be generally quiet but allow speaking.
  • Have other people around who you can bounce ideas off.
  • Have a lot of information close at hand to quickly investigate your preliminary ideas.

The ideal place is probably a non-silent area of your college/school's library. You might think that the internet will provide all the information you need but being in a library can be extremely useful. Checking how many sources you will have access to when writing your paper will be a lot easier in the library and this is a vital aspect of brainstorming ideas for a paper. If you think of a topic which has numerous books written about it, but your library doesn't have any of them it will be hard to research and cite sources in your paper.

What makes a winning idea?

The best ideas for research papers will fit these criteria:

  • A topic you are interested in.
  • A topic which is discussed in a lot of books or journal articles.
  • A serious topic which has a real significance in the modern world.
  • Something that is controversial, which people are in disagreement over.

Picking a topic you are interested in is the most important of these criteria because you will always work harder and with more enthusiasm if you have genuine passion for the topic you are researching and writing about. The other criteria are just to make sure that the idea you find while brainstorming has enough substance to it that it's worth discussing in the first place. If there is no debate within the field or subject matter you choose then you will struggle to make an interesting and original argument. By picking a topic which already contains two schools of thought your argumentative research paper can use the facts and information from one side to argue more convincingly against the other.

To get you started here are five example ideas.

  1. Should euthanasia be legalized in specifically authorized cases?
  2. Is the size of the United States’ defense budget justifiable?
  3. Has social media improved or deteriorated our ability to communicate effectively?
  4. Is scientific experimentation on animals moral?
  5. Should the government have a role in paying for higher education?

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