How To Make Your Research Paper About Health Stand Out

For most people, writing a research paper doesn’t come naturally. The characteristic research paper is usually a highly systematized rhetorical form. Adequate knowledge of both explicit and implied rules that govern writing in a particular field will go a long way in writing an exceptional paper. Here is a short guide on how to make your research paper about health stand out.

  • Use the Appropriate Writing Style
  • In order for your paper to stand out, you need to approach the paper from the appropriate writing style. For instance, the use of first person style is often required for science papers that involve reporting the results of an experiment. When writing a nursing paper that involves an experiment, this tone style is appropriate when reporting on the results of the experiment. Additionally, reflective writing is appropriate when working on health-related papers that require you to offer your professional insights in order to present an informed opinion-based on supporting facts.

  • Write a Strong and Captivating Introduction
  • When working on a nursing paper, always present the thesis statement within the first introductory paragraph. This will ensure that the reader is not left guessing about what the paper is going to discuss. The thesis should also be clear and concise even when it involves several points. The bottom line is that everything should be clear in the first paragraph.

  • Discuss a single Idea in Each Paragraph
  • Always ensure that only one idea is discussed in a paragraph. The reader should be in a position to single out the key point when reading each paragraph. Each paragraph should also begin with a topic sentence, followed by other supporting sentences that explain or modify the introductory sentence. The final sentence in the paragraph should wrap up the main idea before proceeding to the next idea.

  • Relate Each Point to the Thesis
  • Always ensure that each point you make relates to the original thesis. Avoid including anything that significantly deviates from the thesis and be meticulous while enforcing this rule. Anything that is not directly related to the thesis should be left out.

  • Be Analytic
  • Rather than just stating an idea and explaining it or supporting it with facts, consider opposing or contradictory and alternative views or findings from other scholars and include them in your discussion. This helps to provide additional background information and demonstrates the depth of your research.

  • Reference your Work
  • Always ensure that you use appropriate citations when referring other people’s works. Never refer to authors by their first names. Additionally, ensure that you list all works cited in the paper in the reference list.

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