How To Write My Research Paper In A Day: Vital Advice

Most students have trouble getting on top of their assignments early on and instead find themselves cramming to finish the day before. This usually leads to lower grades and some pretty bad writing. So while procrastinating is certainly not recommended, it is possible to write a great research paper the day before. Here’s some vital advice on how to do just that:

Choose a topic with lots of available information:

Don’t choose a topic with little information for you to use, you won’t have time to pull together a great piece of writing if you can’t find enough to write about. Consider well-known keywords and terminology to get you started on the right foot.

Search for content and supporting evidence:

Get started on your research. Go online and find summaries using any search engine. If you feel you have time for a visit, go to the library and search its databases for more accurate information. Content found in journals is often more easily accepted by your professors.

Develop an outline of your ideas:

Outlines are tremendous help when you do any type of last minute writing. Outlines will help organize your ideas and get you back on track should you find yourself wandering off subject. Keep yours simple but easy to understand. Include brief statements for each piece of evidence you plan on presenting.

Create your works cited or bibliography early:

If a separate bibliography or works cited page is required, it’s a good idea to get it done early rather than later. Be sure you list full and accurate citations. You can always remove an entry if you decide not to use in your paper. It’s always harder to add stuff later.

Start writing your essay:

Begin by first getting your thesis statement in order. Draft several versions and take the one that is most clear and gets straight to the point. Take your outline and begin writing a complete paragraph for every topic point. Moving swiftly and efficiently you should be get a great draft written in a few hours.

Review your written content:

You won’t have much time to revise your content, but it’s still important that you ask yourself a few words about your writing. Ask yourself if your thesis is clear. And if you have discussed everything you wanted to say in support of your central argument. Have you met all the requirements of the assignment? This self-critique will help you make corrections on the spot.

Proofread and edit:

If you have time, be sure to spellcheck and grammar check your work. When you cram any type of writing in to a small window of time, you’re likely to make several little mistakes. Read through each page, paragraph and sentence and don’t let these mistakes harm your grade.

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