Facts To Know About Formatting Note Cards In A Research Paper

Using note cards in a paper is quite helpful for you, and makes writing the research paper an easier task. It not only helps you to write a better paper, but it also helps the paper be laid out in a way that makes it easier and simpler to write.

Facts to Know About Formatting Note Cards in Your Paper

  • Must be referenced in your bibliography
  • Note cards in your paper are very helpful in many ways, but when it comes to formatting your paper, you must remember to include them in your bibliography list for, if used and formatted correctly, they need to be cited as well as they are considered a reference point for your paper.

  • Must follow its strict format
  • Note cards may seem like easy and harmful means to help you write your paper, but for them be referenced in your paper, you need to format them the appropriate way. This includes assigning your topic a code on the top left of the note card, on the top right corner add the author’s name and the page number from which you are quoting him, or her, and in the rest of the note card should be the point you wish to include.

  • Used as an organizational tool
  • It is often difficult to organize all your thoughts for your paper, especially the ones that occur randomly and are often forgotten. Reduce the risks of forgetting your finer works by noting them down on note cards and adding them in where you want to add that particular argument eventually.

  • Reduce the risk of plagiarism
  • Using note cards in your paper, before and during the writing process, really aids the plagiarism lens of your work. Making a note card makes you refer to the point you want to make a note of in your words rather than copying it word to word. This, in turn, reduces the chances of there being a high figure of plagiarism attached to your paper.

Though on the outset it may seem to be silly to you to add note cards to your perfect research paper, when you can structure your paper in other ways before beginning writing. However, papers of this nature are often long winded and include many arguments and facts, which means you cannot nail them down to a tee before writing and will always have more points and arguments added in later.

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