How To Write A 2nd Grade Research Paper On African Animals

2nd grade students hardly have the mind to carry out researches. They are still in the free zone and do not encounter the toughness of life in any fold. Thus, when you pit them with strenuous and specific papers, you need to keep the topic broad.

One bright idea

Conducting a study on African animals is one such bright idea. The logic is simple; there are too many animals, and some of them are in friendly paradigm with kids. For instance, you can always invoke interest by mentioning the ‘king with the beard’ or the African lion.

  • They will also be thrilled in finding out more about the elephant; another eternal favorite with kids. It is another matter that they may not find the actual animal too friendly. However, they like the roundness and emphasis of the animal. Contrarily, they also adore the swiftness and cleverness of the Africa panther.
  • Talking of contrasts, there are giraffes and zebras; both belonging to the same family and yet quite different to each other. Giraffe is obviously the tallest living animal and is spotted in yellow. Zebra, meanwhile, attracts the kids with its black and white complexion.
  • Kids are also enchanted by gazelles or other types of African deer. The differently-sized antlers, the mesmeric movement; the fight for survivals against dangerous animals; they love it all on animal channels. The same goes for Orangutan and other animals belonging to monkey family. You need to calmly make them understand which of the monkeys are African and which belong to different territories.
  • You can ask 2nd grade kids to differentiate African animals on the basis of their eating status (carnivorous or herbivorous). You can suggest ways to mark their living habits (alone or in groups). You may ask them to segregate tame animals from wild ones. Okapi and Llama will belong to the former group.
  • You should slowly make them absorb that tropical animals have different requirements and have less hair on their body than arctic animals. Also, the mammals give birth rather than lay eggs and suckle their young ones.

The absorbing power

The good thing with kids is that they have better absorbing power and retentive skills than adults. Of course, the elements of knowledge should be in keeping with their standard. Creating research topics for them keeps them interested.

Give them a reason to toil and enjoy the labor. They will love it.

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