Composing An Outstanding Research Paper On Helen Keller

To write a research paper about a person is never easy. You have to know everything about their life before you can even start your composition, and you have to be very careful with what you write. It’s easy to judge someone from the outside without knowing what kind of person they are. When it comes to such a famous writer like Helen Keller, finding out more about her life is crucial; only in this way you will be able to understand her literature. Keep these ideas in mind when you write about her:

  • Talk about her childhood. Helen’s family had connections with many important people and her father was always her source of inspiration. She lost her hearing and sight in her childhood because of a disease that no one could detect. Therefore, this is the time that changed the rest of her life.

  • Mention Anne Sullivan. If there is any important person in the author’s life, this is Anne Sullivan. She is the one who thought her how to use her talent and how to communicate without words. In that time, signs language was not common like it is nowadays.

  • Discuss about her education. Most of the time it’s not recommended to write too much about someone’s education. However, in this case it is extremely important, since she discovered her talent and learned how to use it during her education. Also, she communicated with many important people at that time, like Mark Twain and Graham Bell.

  • Learning how to speak. During that time, no one thought that she could ever learn how to speak. However, with the help of an Austrian pedagogue she learned how to understand others by following their lips. She also learned how to speak and she dedicated years of her life to giving speeches.

  • Find out more about her time as a social activist. She was extremely involved in the community and she was a strong supporter of people with disabilities. Also, she was supporting human rights and she received a lot of criticism because she was supporting birth control.

  • Discuss her political career. She was one of the first women who traveled in more than 40 countries and she met many important politicians. She also met several American presidents and she enforced the relation between Japan and the United States.

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