General Tips On How To Cite Sources In A Harvard Style Research Paper

There are different writing formats in use in academia. Depending on your field of study you may be expected to use different ones. There are some similarities between them but not enough that being an expert in one automatically makes you even competent in any of the others. If you are new to academic writing or simply new to the Harvard style, read on for some general tips that can help you format your citations:

  • Read the guidelines
  • Like all other styles, there is an easily accessible guideline that you can use to format your work. This can be accessed via the web or perhaps in your campus bookstore. Read it thoroughly. If something does not make sense to you immediately, make note of it and search for an explanation via the web. There are forums where you can get your questions answered by people more experienced in this regard than you are.

  • Try it out a few times to get the hang of it
  • You can create some sample reference sections just to see if you have the right idea. If you like, you can download a sample citation so that as you do your own for practice you have something to compare it to. This will let you know when you’re on track and when you’re not.

  • Use a website that fills it in automatically
  • These are a great resource for people whose deadlines are too close for them to learn the format from scratch. Type “automatic citations” or anything similar to that into a search engine and you will be presented with websites that allow you to input certain key details and receive your citations perfectly done. You can chose any style so if you have assignments in different fields they are still useful.

  • Pay someone to do it for you
  • If you are in an extreme rush you don’t even need to get the automatic citations. You can find an online writing service that will pick out your quotes and create citations for all of them. This will be done by a professional with experience in Harvard and other styles so your work should be well executed.

There are many ways to accomplish good citations so you have no excuse to omit them from your work prior to submission.

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