What Am I Supposed To Write In A Research Paper On Zigbee Technology?

Start with:

The best way to start any research paper is by making sure that you know exactly what the requirements are. Make sure that you read through the instructions several times and make note of any important directives such as the length of the paper and reference style.

At this point make a few notes on how you may direct your research. Jot down a few ideas, such as what you already know about ZigBee technology and what you feel that you need to find out. This may not be exactly where you will pitch your research but it is a good start.

Look at:

Treat this subject in exactly the same way that you would tackle any other research paper. Start by looking at other people's work, make a note how other authors have tackled the work. Are you able to use their work and expand it or replicate it?

Ideally you will need to look at work that is of varying quality, so try to pick out an example that is average, poor and exceptional. Look online for examples that may have the marking annotated in some way so that you can learn from the comments that professors have made.

Your Experience

By now you probably have an idea of the focus of your work. At this stage make a few notes of what ZigBee technology means to you and look at its current applications and the way that it compares to other similar applications. Look for appropriate examples.

As with any other piece of research work you will need to think about the future. What do you see as the future for ZigBee technology? What applications will it have? Can it be used alongside other technologies? Make predictions, and justify those predictions with supporting evidence.

Keep to the format.

Make sure that you follow the standard format for writing up your work unless otherwise directed by your professor. Take the time to craft your Introduction, so you set the scene and tell the story. Unless you do this, your reader will soon lose interest and be scrabbling around for information.

Make notes methodology notes as you progress, as this can save time in the long run. If you do this then it won't be so much of a chore as when you come to write it all up. Take the time to write your work in a logical progression, and read through your work carefully.

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