Looking For A Good Research Paper Proposal Example In The MLA Format

You will discover the further you advance in academia the more your work is subject to particular formatting rules. The American Psychological Association (APA) has a unique style and is one many science research papers will use. The arts and the humanities rely more on the Modern Language Association (MLA) for its formatting structure. If you’re looking for an example, you might be able to use for your own proposal there are places you can go to find one or more.

  • The Department Office. The faculty office of your department may keep on file a number of research papers that are formatted in the MLA style. It doesn’t hurt to go in and ask if they may have some.
  • The Main Library of the School. Many departmental libraries and the main library itself will have copies of research proposals from the past. These have been formatted properly and passed inspection. They provide an enormous value to you as examples of what has to be done.
  • Any Number of Online Websites. This will require just do a search on the search engine to find out what is available. There should be at least one or two that you can use as a reference point when you are drafting your proposal.
  • Books on the MLA Style. Books will use examples to better demonstrate what is being written about. MLA Software Templates. This can be more than just examples. The software templates may be able to do a lot of the formatting effort for you.

As you go about looking for examples you need to keep in mind the directions that have been handed to you in the beginning. Ultimately, that is was going to decide whether or not your proposal is going to be accepted. The department may insist on the MLA style, but with a few added twists to it. If you blindly look for examples you may forget about some of the instructions you are required to follow. It will do you no good to have a perfect MLA formatted proposal that does miss one or two key points.

Be very certain that with any example, you are just looking at the style. Do not give into any temptation to plagiarize or you really will have a problem on your hands. You should have very little difficulty in finding an example of the MLA format, however. Its use is extensive in the academic world.

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