A Good Strategy For Writing A Research Paper On Type 2 Diabetes

Discussing type 2 diabetes is a topic everyone should pay attention to in society. Over the past few years type 2 diabetes has risen dramatically throughout the population. Doctors, researchers, and organizations alike have all created projects and plans in efforts to better assist individuals who have diabetes.

When writing a research paper on type 2 diabetes there are a variety of ways that you can approach it. There is really no wrong way to approach the paper either (with the exception of providing false facts). Here is a good strategy that

Understanding what the different levels of diabetes

In hindsight if your research paper is touching on type 2 diabetes, then it is important that you keep the bulk of your material around it. However, since there is type 1 diabetes, this will be a great opportunity for you to briefly touch on the similarities and differences between each type.

Explain the symptoms

Type 2 diabetes is vital to pay close attention to for a variety of reasons. Unlike type 1 diabetes that shows symptoms between your adolescent and young adulthood years, type 2 diabetes typically do not show itself until you are properly diagnosed. The symptoms you could touch on including the following.

Being excessively thirsty – If you (or someone you know) show unusual signs of being thirsty (lacking hydration of water), this can be one of the most discrete symptoms for anyone to notice.

Numbness in hands and feet – Becoming numb in your limbs for no reason is another symptom that is also overlooked in many situations. There is a difference between applying too much pressure and becoming numb in a normal situation, and random numbness (specifically in your hands and feet).

Random/regular wounds, not healing – Wounds such as abrasions that normally heal over time generally never heal 100% to those who have type 2 diabetes. It is important that if you notice this, to seek a doctor’s opinion immediately on treatment.

How to receive treatment for type 2 diabetes

Currently, there is no one cure for type 2 diabetes available. However, there are medications that doctors can prescribe at the patients’ best benefit. There are also regular activities such as eating healthy, monitoring your blood sugar on a daily basis, and regular exercise.

When writing this research paper, this is a great strategy that you can begin with and then build off of with at your own discretion/needs.

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