How To Write A Good Research Paper Conclusion: 5 Golden Rules

The final paragraph serves to remind the reader of everything that was presented in the research. So what makes a good final paragraph? Below are five golden rules to follow when you are writing:

  1. Remember that the conclusion should be roughly ten percent of the total length of the finished product. So if you have a ten page paper, one page should make up the conclusion.

  2. The conclusion needs to work in tandem with the introduction to frame the body arguments. You should never just re-word your introduction, but you should cover the same points within the introduction. Remember that the first paragraph told readers what content they were going to find in each paragraph and the final paragraph should remind readers not only what content they found but what evidence was found with it.

  3. Never introduce any new material. This is a problem that many students face because they worked so hard to take great notes and produce wonderful analyses, and yet they realize at the end of their paper that one of the points of evidence or one of the items they uncovered did not really fit well within the body of their final paper, so they try and squeeze it into the final paragraph as though that extra piece of data will improve their argument in the minds of the reader. But this is a big mistake and it actually makes your final paper look for disorganized and out of sync.

  4. End with a call to action or a startling fact, reminding the reader how your thesis fits within the greater picture. You might state clearly what further work should be done to expound upon your findings, or remind the reader why your work is important to your field. You can convince readers to stay on your side and act upon your work with a call to action.

  5. Finally, remember that this is the last place for you to remind the readers of your contributions and to leave them with a good last impression. Avoid getting emotional here, and remember to stay on point with a professional statement. This is not the place to break down and demand that they listen to you, or to suddenly beg for their approval. This will only seem out of place and cause your entire argument to break down.

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