How To Write A Good Outline For A Manufacturing Engineering Research Paper

Sometimes, students are told to submit their research papers together with outlines; sometimes, it’s not obligatory.

What for Should You Write It?

A good outline can help you keep your thoughts in order. Having it, you will not forget to mention anything that is important in your project. With its help, you will see whether your work is built in a logical way and whether separate details requires additional procession. Besides that, if you give enough attention to this part of your manufacturing engineering project, you will show your accuracy, devotion, and great abilities to analyze, put things together, and do research.

How Should a Good Outline Be Written?

  • To begin with, make sure that you know how each of the points within your outline is going to be headed. That is, think whether you are going to use full sentences or simple word combinations in your paper. Sometimes, it’s possible to combine both these ways, especially if you are writing a complicated plan that involves main and subsequent points.
  • Choose the way of numbering that you are going to use in your outline. Chapters of the first range usually receive Roman number, the second – upper case letters, the third – Arabic numbers, and the fourth – lower case letters.
  • Start with a simple outline that has no subsequent points. Then, expand each of the chapters with the second level. This done, move to the third one. Though it’s quite complicated and requires a lot of attention, it will be immensely helpful to you when you get down to writing.
  • Remember that all of the chapters should have the same structure. It means that if the first one has three minor levels, the same should be done to the rest. Besides that, the main chapters should denote the ideas that are equally important.
  • Don’t overdo with the details. Though it’s great if your outline shows every smallest step within your research paper, there should be no too many main or subsequent chapters. If you add five, six, or more levels to each main chapter, your outline will look overly complicated and totally unclear.
  • Think over the logical connections and structure once again. After you have composed a simple draft of your manufacturing engineering paper, give it some more attention and see whether everything is in due place. It means that you should feel free to shift certain parts of your project as you like in order to reach a better result.

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