Basic Aspects Of Writing A Research Paper Introduction On Animal Testing

Strong introductions are extremely important in composing great research papers. This article deals with knowing the basic aspects of creating a strong introduction to a research paper on the subject of animal testing. Keep this with you as you start your project and pretty soon the information presented here will become second nature:

  • Begin Your Research Paper with a Great Hook
  • Start your assignment by hooking the reader with some eye catching statement or idea. Some really good techniques include using a relatable quotation, a thought-provoking question, or a descriptive anecdote that immediately compels the reader to go on. This may take some practice but it’s a skill that can have really big and positive impact on your academic writing abilities as a whole.

  • Get Right Into the Topic with Background Info
  • Waffling in academic composition refers to when a writer spends too much time discussing content that isn’t directly related to the topic. Often, this is done by students as a means to add filler content to reach some minimum amount of words or pages. This technique doesn’t fool anyone and instead has the opposite effect of annoying readers. Get right to the point with background information the reader should know to understand the topic. Don’t waste your or the reader’s time.

  • Narrow the Focus of Your Topic As You Write
  • A great technique for effective research paper introductions is that you start broadly and gradually zoom in on the focus as you get closer to your specific thesis statement. If for instance, you are writing about animal testing as it relates to a specific pharmaceutical company in the U.S., you can start broadly by first discussing the pharmaceutical industry’s first use of animal testing in the global arena, as well as a brief history of the specific company you have selected.

  • Develop a Clear and Concise Thesis Statement
  • Your introduction should end with clear and concise thesis statement telling the reader exactly what position you are taking on the topic related to animal testing you have introduced in the prior sentences. Don’t write an overly complex sentence – the key to a good thesis is that it has a clear subject and verb. It’s a good idea to have a friend or colleague provide you with feedback; if he or she can’t immediately tell you what your research paper is about you should revise the thesis.

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