How To Create A Research Paper Introduction- Writing A Statement Of Purpose

A statement of purpose is usually required by graduate students. It is written during the application process. It is very important that your paper is remembered by the admissions committee. They will not choose to let everyone come to the school. They will only select part of the applicants for acceptance. This keeps the school at a higher demand because not everyone can get in.

The introduction to this paper has the same goal as any other introduction. It just may be a lot more important for you to do this one the right way. Your statement may only be a couple hundred words long, so you have to make sure that you let every word count. Here are some ways to make sure that you do just that.

  1. Make it stand out
  2. Your introduction has to catch the committee’s attention. You want to make sure that write an introduction that stands out from the rest of the papers. Don’t just write about how you want to get into the school because they are awesome. Tell them the event in your life that led to you being where you are.

  3. Keep it short
  4. You only have around three hundred and five hundred words for the whole paper. At least, it should be around that length. So, you want to make sure that you are not wordy. Just get to the point and be very careful how you present your ideas by making sure the wording is perfect and the ideas are focused.

  5. Don’t state the obvious
  6. The point of the paper is to tell the committee why you want to go to school there. You don’t need to tell them that it is your purpose. Don’t tell them that they have a great program. Use your words carefully. Be direct and clear. Give them a good idea of why you want to go there and make it exciting.

You will want to jot down some key points that you want to talk about. Make sure to keep it short and direct. You should take your time and make sure that you are presenting a real reason for wanting to go to school there. Make it start out with an interesting statement of purpose that is clear and direct. You should edit your paper to ensure it is free of errors.

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