How To Write A Strong And Impressive Research Paper Avoiding Mistakes

There are some great tricks I know of to ensure yourself a great research paper every time. All good research papers have certain elements that you can help ensure yourself of providing. They need a really great working structure, fantastic content that has been polished and polished until it sings, a good topic, and interesting content.

Do you want to know how you achieve all these things? The answer is simple.


Good writing never comes quickly. Think of one of those beautifully mixed colors on a car with a paint job like you have never seen. Do you know how they did that? They took their time.

Have you ever seen a painting that absolutely took your breath with its sheer magnificence—well what does magnificence take?


I think you see my point. Nothing good comes quickly. All the things in life we create that are good whether it is perfectly sculpted abs or a perfectly sculpted research paper takes time and most students do not allow themselves enough time for the research or the writing phase.

How to Research like a pro

My best tip for a fantastic research paper is to make a quote essay first. What I do is to retype all quotes I am going to be using and then cut and paste them into the exact order I am going to be using in the paper.

While I do this I go ahead and cite the information properly AND I go ahead and write a citation in my works cited as I write. So the works cited page grows with the essay. Soon, I have a perfectly crafted Works Cited page out of the way so that I can proceed to the writing I will do myself to connect all this beautiful research.

My paper at this point will look something like the following.

As Jones notes, “The polar bear will be extinct by 2030 unless we do something now to save them” (citation). INSERT MY WRITING. Smith adds that “what is creating danger for polar bears are dangerous human practices that are intensifying the global warming and contributing to the melting of the polar icecaps, making it hard for the polar bears to travel across the ice to reach food sources” (citation). Comment on this in my words.

See? After awhile I see a pastiche of quotes turning into an essay.

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