7 Things You Don't Want To See In Cheap Research Papers

If you are getting a research paper written for you by a company there are seven things you don’t want to see. Why not? Because if you see these seven things then it means that the company wrote something cheap and of poor quality which you cannot really use.

  • #1:
  • You do not want to see typos. If you see typos or spelling errors right off the bat then you can rest assured that there are certainly more throughout the essay and that will not go over well with your teacher especially if your grade is contingent upon having a final piece free from error.

  • #2
  • You do not want to see incorrect citations. You should always verify at least one or two before you submit the paper but if you see inconsistencies with the in-text citations that should be a huge red flag and an indication that you will have to go back and verify all of the citations for fear that they may be wrong. Chances are if you find one error it was simply one error that went unchecked but you do not want to take that chance.

  • #3
  • You do not want large quotes. If the quotes contained in your essay take up more than 10% of the paper then it means they used the quotes as filler content and your grade will end up taking the hit. This is not want you want to happen in your paper because it will bring down your final grade. So make sure you verify how many quotes are included.

  • #4
  • You do not want to see very short or very long paragraphs. That means they did not keep one key idea per paragraph and that can also indicate bad organization.

  • #5
  • You do not want to see internet based sources exclusively on the reference list. If you look over the references and everything is from Wikipedia then steer clear.

  • #6
  • You do not want something that does not follow your topic. Verify that the thesis is in alignment with your instructions.

  • #7
  • You do not want something that is plagiarized. You should always check the content before you submit it and if anything else exists online then you can be penalized.

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