How To Write An Interesting Research Paper Related To 20th Century

Do you want to write a great paper that will definitely bring you a good mark? The first step is to choose a suitable topic. It must be narrow, interesting, specific, and related to your research. The research paper about 20th century may be written on the basis of the following topics: history, art, politics, and humanities. The following list may inspire you to choose the sphere you want to research.

  1. History.
  2. First of all, students should choose the period of 20th century they will write about. This century is full of life-changing moments, so there won’t be any problem in finding a good topic. It’s important to decide what is more interesting for you: people or events. Those who are interested in history may write about the differences between World Wars or the most influential politicians. Revolutions and riots are other interesting topics the detailed research of which may bring students good marks.

  3. Art.
  4. Such research papers may be written on several topics: architecture, music, literature, films, and theater. Students should choose the sphere they like and start searching for sources. Usually, instructors provide them with requirements for writing an assignment. Besides, teachers may also help choose the right topic. However, it’ll be better if students already know what topic they want to look into.

  5. Music.
  6. Students can write about life and work of different composers. It’s always a good idea to find out interesting facts about those people who have created something new, like music genres or schemes. Don’t forget that you can write a very interesting research paper about new styles and musical trends of 20th century. The evolution of music instruments is another topic that may be very interesting.

  7. Architecture.
  8. Those who decide to write about architecture may start from a simple walk around their town. Write about the lives of famous architects, the importance of their works, and their influence on the cultural development. It’s also possible to focus on characteristics of certain constructions.

  9. Literature.
  10. The first step is to choose authors you want to write about. Decide whether you want to focus on one writer or contrast lives of several people. A nice decision is to compare the literary trends of different periods of this century. Try to find out what authors have been the most influential. If comparing with authors who have been writing in other centuries, what has changed and why?

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