Help Me Write A Decent Research Paper: The Best Topic Ideas

The research paper is the final product of an entire involved academic process: critical thinking, research, source evaluation, organization and, most importantly, the composition process. Due to the nature of research papers, they're commonly deployed in many academic settings, as they allow instructors to assess a student's skill set.

Research papers are simple in concept, but most students get stumped at at the prospect of composing a research paper. In fact, most don't know how to find the best topic ideas.

Fortunately, that's pretty simple.

Help Me Write A Decent Research Paper ~ Identify Your Audience

While some immediately select a topic, others find it easier to brainstorm other aspects of research paper writing. Finding the audience for the paper is perhaps one of the best examples of this preliminary brainstorming.

Identifying the paper's audience essentially helps set the tone for the paper. You wouldn't write a simple sounding paper for an audience of scholars, to provide an example.

The best way to approach this is simple: establish a middle ground. Write to the audience's assumed education level, but make sure that the paper doesn't condescend or disinterest that same audience.

Here are some questions that students should ask themselves about establishing an audience for their research paper:

  • What general audience do I want to reach?
  • Who will be most interested in the research I will do?
  • What about my topic will interest my audience the most?
  • What should I do to interest my audience if they're not interested in my topic?
  • Will my audience agree with what I have to say in my paper? If not, what type of counter-arguments should I prepare to answer?

Help Me Write A Decent Research Paper ~ The Best Research Topic Ideas

Believe it or not, the best research paper topic are those that are simple, yet present a profound truth to the audience. In other words, good research paper topics make readers wonder. Research papers are especially noted for adding new information and interpretations to the academic community. Student should always compose their papers with that in mind.

That said, the following list covers several interesting research topic ideas for research papers:

  • Why do people sleep?
  • What caused the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008?
  • What are the effects of prolonged […] use in the human body?
  • How has the music industry been affected by the Internet and the rise of digital music downloads?
  • Does text messaging impact teen literacy?
  • How does the war on drugs impact the United States each year?

As you can see, coming up with an interesting research paper topic is a matter of asking an interesting question and seeing if there are resources supporting its innate truth.

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