Suggestions For Beginners: How To Start Off A Research Paper

The first paragraph of any paper is the most important part of because it is the part that the reader reads first and tells them if what they are about to read is any good. That is why it has to be great or you will lose the reader before they even start to learn all the facts on your subject. Before you can start to even write your introduction to your research paper, you first have to do all of your research and then create an outline so you know what you are going to include in your research paper. If you don’t do this first then you will have a hard time writing your introduction.

How To Start Off A Research Paper

  • You want to tell the reader some information on the topic that you are covering. You don’t want to start with your main argument because that will be too strong. Give them some small facts that pertain to the topic that you are covering. Like an interesting fact or statistic.
  • The last sentence of your paragraph should tell the reader your hypothesis or thesis. This is a great transition sentence that will help them move along into the next paragraph that will give them some evidence to support it.
  • You want to get your audience acquainted with the subject or topic that you are covering in your in your research paper. Tell them what they can expect to read in your research paper.
  • Here are some things that you can consider to put in your opening paragraph for your research paper. Find a quote that pertains to the text. How about a debate or a new stories snippet or you can put an anecdote in it. You can also use the compare and contrast method by comparing two things with your topic.
  • Some people find it is easier to write the conclusion and introduction last when you are writing your research paper. This way you can have a better idea of what to include in your research paper. This will also make it easier to write you transition sentences and then your research paper will have a better flow. You don’t want it to sound like it was thrown together last minute or wasn’t thought out entirely. It has to have good flow if you don’t want to confuse the reader.

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