A List Of The Most Common Research Paper Topics In Physics

As an area of study, physics provides hundreds of opportunities for original and fascinating research papers. The best topics to work on are usually ones that are challenging and interesting to you. Your level of enthusiasm will come through to your readers and compel them to keep reading. Here is a list of the most common and interesting physics topics:

  1. The effects of friction on a moving object and other forces. Perpetual motion in the real world is an impossible dream due to forces which will create friction and slow down moving objects.

  2. Understanding black holes and their existence in universe. Black holes exist in theory but evidence seems elusive. Mathematically they not only exist but seem to have played a major role in the formation of the universe.

  3. Projectile motion projects and their movement under gravity. Regardless of the size of the object or how much thrust it has in a direction, all projectile motion projects will be affected by gravity.

  4. An analysis of the efficiency of hydroelectric power. Electricity is everywhere in the world and its consumption will only increase as population grows. Hydroelectric power is a cleaner source and can be quiet efficient in powering whole cities.

  5. A study on the physics of rainbows in the sky. As one of nature’s most spectacular color phenomena, we are gaining a deeper understanding of how they are formed and what components they possess.

  6. The theory of electronic circuit and its use in society. It’s hard to imagine a modern society without electricity, and it’s all made possible by a simple electronic circuit that is found in nearly every household product.

  7. Understanding optics and their reflective properties. Different rays of light will reflect differently on different surfaces such as glass, mirrors and even in bodies of water.

  8. A discussion on body mechanics and uses in physical therapy. The forces we put on our bodies can greatly affect the way we understand healing properties across several types of injuries.

  9. A study on the life cycle of stars and understanding our solar system. The life cycle of stars is a field we still have a great to learn about but we know enough to have a better understanding of how our own solar system was formed.

  10. Understanding the electric car and how it will change transportation. For years, the electric car was an idea many thought would never be efficient but now technologies have improved so much that they are a viable solution to clean energy transportation.

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