Choosing Winning Criminal Justice Topics For A Research Paper

Getting ideas down on paper

If you are trying to brainstorm good criminal justice topics for your research paper then it can be best beneficial to try and get as many ideas down on paper is possible. A good piece of advice is to spend 10 or 15 minutes simply jotting down any ideas that come into your head; even if they are not useful, they may help to inspire other ideas.

Once you have various ideas written down on paper, you can start to eliminate any that you feel are not good enough, as well as potentially connecting two or more ideas to come up with a unique and interesting topic to write about.

Finding inspiration from pre-written criminal justice papers

Whether you want some extra inspiration before you start brainstorming, or the brainstorming approach has failed to yield any good results, then it can be useful to look at past topics from prewritten criminal justice papers.

It may be that you’re able to find prewritten papers on the website of your school or university, as well as those of other educational establishments. You may also wish to search on the Internet for websites that offer a wide variety of free samples.

Some topics titles that you could use

  • A comparison of gun laws and crime levels in the US and around the world
  • A comparison of domestic violence between the sexes
  • The impact of human-trafficking on society
  • A study of criminal sentencing for crimes involving sexual violence
  • Re-offending rates in different cities in the United States
  • An analysis of re-offending rates in comparison to length of sentence
  • Is it right to jail shoplifters who are only trying to feed their families?
  • Can committing a crime ever be justified?
  • Should virtual crimes be punished as severely as those in the real world?
  • Is it beneficial to society that criminals are labelled as such for life?

Getting someone else to do the work if you are really stuck

If you really can’t think of topics on your own, or you simply do not have enough time, then one option that you can take is to use a professional writer to help you. This approach can be used in a variety of ways, including having a full essay custom written for you. One of the main benefits of having a bespoke essay prepared, apart from the time-saving factor, is that you are unlikely to be at risk of plagiarism, which may occur if you copy other samples.

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